Friday, October 31, 2008

Old yet favourite - Christmas Eve quick album and a freebie!.

Hi to everybody! Today I'm introducing the first quick album created by my CT, with my kit Christmas Eve which hit the sales of the last year, and still is one of the favourite. The girls made a really great job to create this gorgeous album. It is available in Do It Digi shop, and don't miss the 25% introductory discount! 

Hurry up, the kit, add-on and the album will be retiring soon! 
The links are below the previews:

This lovely Christmas layout is created by Victoria. 

And these are the cute layouts by Olga aka Niona:

Today's freebie is a gorgeous quick page by Ice Princess, please leave some love to her as you download!

Загрузить ЗДЕСЬ / Download HERE

Thanks for looking! And keep an eye on my blog, there are more fun stuffs to come!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Моя творческая команда! / My creative team!

The CT call is over, and I thank each and everyone of you who have applied! 

I'm proudly announcing the members of my creative team:

- Victoria  
Apart from creating her own cute kits, she has made beautiful layouts and quick pages with my kits.

A very talented designer, who also wished to join my team. Olga too created many great layouts and quickies with my kits, you will find them in her blog. 

Helen makes gorgeous layouts, you can see them plenty if you visit her blog. She has already created few cool stuffs for me, both layouts and quick pages in her own unique style.

- Leah  
Leah is just a beginner, but look how beautiful her layouts are! I'm already looking forward to see some with my kits also LOL

Amber is a tagger and a tutorial-maker, she has already created few sweet and elegant tags with my kits. Thanks for joining our team and bringing a new stream to our creative activities!

Welcome to my team girls! 

Friday, October 24, 2008

CT call is still open!

Since the original post with my CT call has moved to the older page, I feel I have to repeat it again, because the time is not yet over. 

The team members are expected to make at least 4 layouts with my kits per month, and post them in 4 galleries: Digital Arts Cafe galleryDo It Digi galleryand 2 of your choice (and of course to be displayed in my blog LOL), and by desire take part in my projects. 

If you like my designs and want to work with them free, please don't hesitate and send me an email on: adelina.biswas(at), including: your name and screenname, a link to your best gallery and blog (if any), any other CT you are in.

The deadline for the call is October 27, the announcement will be posted after that date.

Новые продукты, фриби и странички / New products, LOs and freebie

I'm glad to introduce a couple of my new stuffs - a mini-album with my kit Ocean Breeze, and a commercial set of jewelled ornaments in their original colour, to be used as it is, or recolorised - to embellish bows, ribbons, borders etc. Quick album is available both in Do It Digi and Digital Arts Cafe, and the Treasure Chest is available in Do It Digi with 25% introductory discount. The links to the products are below the previews.

Представляю вашему вниманию парочку своих новых продуктов - это мини-альбомчик к моему набору Ocean Breeze, и коммерческий набор украшений в их оригинальном виде, которые можно использовать как в изначальном, так и в любом другом цвете, какой вам хочется - для украшения бантиков, пряжек и пр. Альбомчик (как и сам набор)  уже доступны в продаже в магазинах Do It Digi и Digital Arts Cafe. Ссылки на них даны под превью. 

Посмотрите какую замечательную (и аппетитную) страничку с рецептом Хелен (Ice Princess) сделала из морского скрапика! Не правда ли, чувствуется атмосфера приморского ресторанчика? Спасибо тебе за замечательную работу!

Look what a yummy page I got from Helen (Ice Princess) with my Ocean Breeze kit! Don't you feel the atmosphere of a seaside resto? Thank you for a great work! 

И еще две очаровательные странички от Ольги (Niona), огромнейшее спасибо за красоту!
There are two more layouts from Olga (Niona), thank you so much for this beauty!

А теперь настал черед фриби! Вот эти бантики для коммерческого использования будут доступны для скачивания в новой рассылке от Do It Digi. Не упустите момент! 

Now there is a freebie time! These commercial use swirly bows will be sent with the Do It Digi newsletter, don't miss the chance!

Ну а этот цветочек с бриллиантиком для коммерческого использования вы можете скачать уже сейчас. Файл в формате PSD, со слоями, так что вы сможете легко менять цвет как цветочка, так и камушков. Фриби будет действовать только ограниченное время, так что торопитесь!

And this bling flower you can have right away! The file with layers is in PSD format, easy to recolourise both flower and bling. The freebie will be available for limited time only, so hurry up!

Скачать ЗДЕСЬ / Download HERE

Enjoy your scrapping!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Странички от AlordA и фриби! / Layouts by AlordA and a freebie!

More layouts to show off :) These layouts are created by AlordA with my freebie cluster frames, they look just marvellous, don't they? Thank you very much for the lo's and sharing them with us!

Продолжаю хвастаться :)
Эти две странички сделала AlordA из моих цветочных рамочек, не правда ли, получилось просто великолепно? Огромное спасибо за странички, и возможность показать их здесь в моем блоге! 

Для Катюши (kateno4ek):

Для Ксюши (Хвостик пупочкой):

Ну и напоследок маленькая фрибишечка - рамочка с моим бесплатным мини-наборчиком Trick or Treat.
And here is a small freebie for you - a cluster frame with my free mini-kit Trick or Treat.

Скачать ЗДЕСЬ / Download HERE

Enjoy your scrapping!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Работы от Елены (ака Astalavista) / Works by Elena (aka Astalavista)

Сегодня хочу похвастаться замечательными работами, которые сделала из моего набора "Queen of Roses" Елена из Германии. Огромнейшее тебе спасибо за красоту! 

Во-первых, это просто фантастически красивые коллажики:

Just look what fabulous layouts Elena from Germany have created with my kit Queen of Roses! Thank you so much for the beauty you share with us!

А во-вторых, Елена сделала несколько замечательных рамочек для вас! 
And..Elena is also sharing her marvellous quickies with you! 

Please leave some love for Elena, she has made a great job!

Note: for downloading click on "download" and wait till the page downloads fully, then right click on the image "save as".

Friday, October 17, 2008

Мой новый набор Ocean Breeze и рамочка / My new kit Ocean Breeze and a freebie

It has been long time back I was trying to make a marine kit. Few times I started, but then got stuck and after some efforts had to give up. But few days back my dream has come true - I have completed the kit. Yes, summer has gone and it is the right time to make a Christmas kit, but better late than never, right? LOL

Here is my new kit Ocean Breeze, which you can get free with purchase over 10$ in Do It Digi shop! The offer is valid till October 23, so hurry up! I is also available for individual purchase, with usual 25% weekend discount. The link to the kit is below the preview.

Ocean Breeze

And this cute quick page I'm offering today as a freebie.

Загрузить ЗДЕСЬ / Download HERE

This is my layout I have created with the kit.

Enjoy your scrapping!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

25% discount for Albalone Sunset!

Hi to everyone! I have some good news for you! My kit "Albalone Sunset" and matching QPs set are now available in Digital Arts Cafe shop with introductory discount 25%. The offer will be valid till October, 20.  See you there!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calling for CT!!!

Yay! I have started a CT call! I'm looking for the creative and friendly scrappers t0 join my team for the coming months!

The team members are expected to make at least 4 layouts with my kits per month, and post them in 4 galleries: Digital Arts Cafe gallery, Do It Digi gallery and 2 of your choice (and of course to be displayed in my blog LOL), and by desire take part in my projects.

If you like my designs and want to work with them free, please don't hesitate and send me an email on: adelina.biswas(at), including: your name and screenname, a link to your best gallery and blog (if any), any other CT you are in.

The deadline for the call is October 27, the announcement will be posted after that date.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A sale and a freebie!

I have some good news for you! First of all, I have a sale in Digital Arts Cafe shop - 20% discount for some of my commercial stuffs - check them out right here!

And...there is another surprise for you! You can grab this free mini-kit by me in Digital Arts Cafe, and there will be more coming soon. 

Note: this mini-kit will be available until November, 15!

Enjoy your scrapping!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Новые коммерческие наборы и фриби / New commercial products and a freebie!

Представляю вашему вниманию очередную порцию коммерческих наборов - на этот раз два набора деревянных рамочек и один набор медных замочков с ключами. Наборы уже в продаже в магазине Do It Digi, и как всегда с 25% скидкой! Ссылки на продукты даны под превью:

I have created some more commercial stuffs - two sets of wooden frames and one set of ornate locks and keys. The products are available in Do It Digi shop, with usual 25% discount! The links to the products are below the previews.

Ну и напоследок, как всегда фриби - на этот раз снова рамочка, где я использовала свои коммерческие наборы: рамку, текстуры, цветы и пр. 

And as usual a freebie! This time I have another cluster frame for you, made with my commercial stuffs - frame, textures, flowers etc.

Загрузить ЗДЕСЬ / Download HERE

Enjoy your scrapping!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Коммерческая серия "100% Natural" и фриби! CU collection "100%Natural" and a freebie!

Привет, и снова я с вами :) Представляю свою новую серию коммерческих наборов на тему природы (в свете особой популярности в последнее время цветочно-веточных композиций решила быть, как говорится, в ногу со временем), которые уже находятся в продаже в магазине Do It Digi, и как всегда с 25% скидкой. На этот раз я предлагаю выбор - 4 набора можно приобрести как по отдельности, так и вместе (тогда вы получаете один набор бесплатно). Ссылки на продукты в магазине даны под превью.

Hi, it's me again :) I have a new collection of commercial use natural goodies (since nowadays it seems to be popular to make various floral compositions). They are already available in Do It
 Digi shop, with usual 25% discount. This time I'm offering an option: you can either purchase
 each set separately, or have them in a bundle (in this case you get one set for free!). The links to the products are below the previews.

Еще одна серия коммерческих продуктов будет посвящена цветам в их оригинальном виде (не обесцвеченном), для тех, кто любит композиции из натуральных цветов. Конечно, их можно и перекрашивать при необходимости, все зависит от вашего желания. Вот первый набор - Лилии.

One more collection will be deducated to flowers in their original colour (not greyscale), for those who love to use them as they are. Anyway, they can be also recoloured depending on your needs.
Here is the first set - Lilies.

Ну и напоследок, как всегда, фриби! На этот раз я не смогла удержаться чтобы не опробовать свои коммерческие наборы в действии, и сделала пару рамочек для вас. Надеюсь, вам понравится. 

Эту рамочку получат подписчики рассылки от магазина Do It Digi.

And finally, as usual - freebie time! This time I couldn't resist creating something with my commercial stuffs, and here are two cluster frames for you.

This one is for the Do It Digi newsletter subscribers.

А эта рамочка для всех!

And this one is for everyone!

Загрузить ЗДЕСЬ/ Download HERE

Enjoy your scrapping!

У меня теперь есть блинки! / Now I have a blinkie!

Наконец-то слепила себе блинки для блога (сама!), конечно немного коряво, но это только начало :))) Прошу любить и жаловать (слева страницы).  

Finally I have created a blinkie (myself)! Of course, it's a bit clumsy, but anyway it's just the beginning LOL. Now you can snag it for your blog (from the left side of the page). 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A free dessert at Digital Arts Cafe!

Designers of Digital Arts Cafe have some good news for you!

We offer you to save up to 75% on our products with specials and exclusive discount codes (newsletter readers only!). 
And for your order over $20, you get a free dessert: a beautiful collaborative Autumn Page Kit that you will not find at the store!

P.S. Me too have some surprises for you, but...pssst....later on!

Come again and check out more fun stuffs  that are coming soon!