Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CU "Greenery" freebie

Hi everyone,
there is lot's of greenery all around here, why not use this lucky moment for our creativity process? :) here I extracted some green foliage for commercial use, no credit is required. There are 3 different leaves, turned on both sides, to make more naturally looking leafy clusters.
Wish I could make some more of it, but it is not of that maybe next time :))

Download HERE

Have a nice day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Freebie kit "Russian Summer" and more

Hi to everyone,
Wow, it has been a year since my last entry...
As you might have already noticed, I have left all my shops.
Too many things were going on, that totally distracted me from scrapping and blogging. Health problems, family matters, etc. Hopefully things will be getting easier for me soon.
Here I have something for you, a freebie kit that have been waiting for you since last summer! Yea, I made it last summer, but was not able to upload it and share with you. Now at last I'm doing it, and hope you enjoy our Russian summer the way I do :)

Download Part1
Download Part2
Download Part3
Download Part4
Download Part5

These are the layouts by me:

That's not all! There are few pretty clusters and cluster frames for download:




Happy scrapping!