Thursday, November 29, 2007

Набор "The Fountain of Joy"/ Kit "The Fountian of Joy"

Можно приобрести ЗДЕСЬ / You can get it HERE

Мой первый набор, выставленный на продажу. Цена US$2.50.

This is my first kit for sale. The price is just US$2.50.

A small kit, with bright combination of colours, to keep the memories of the most joyful moments.
Kit includes:
3 papers
3 flowers
3 bows
2 pins
3 tags
1 folded lacy ribbon
1 doodle
1 heart
1 frame
1 beaded thread
1 hearts scatter
2 folded ribbon bits


Carolyn said...

Congratulations on getting your first kit in the store hun, its beautiful.


Adelina said...

Thanks a lot :)) I hope others will like it too..

A-liya said...

Аделина, дорогая, поздравляю с замечательным началом! Очень красивый набор! Успешных продаж! :)

Adelina said...

Спасибо :))) На продажи я особо не рассчитываю..Так, спортивный интерес.